Each year in June, under Exchange’s Youth Programs projects, Exchange’s National Headquarters hosts a scholarship competition for students who have been awarded at the club-level and then district-level. The students, who have worked their way to the national competition under the Youth of the Year and Accepting the Challenge of Excellence (A.C.E.) programs, are considered for the opportunity to be awarded $10,000 each toward their higher-education careers.

Han Wen Zhang 2016 Youth of the Year

By definition, the Youth of the Year Scholarship recognizes students who have attained high levels of scholastic achievement, community involvement and leadership.






Nora Ismail 2016 A.C.E. of the Year


The A.C.E. Scholarship nominees have made dramatic changes in their attitudes and performances throughout high school, often overcoming educational, social and personal obstacles.






In the years 2004 – 2016, Exchange devoted more than $237,000 in college scholarships to students from various regions and demographics. Every year, an additional $20,000 is added to that total.

For additional information about these scholarships, please contact your local Exchange Club.


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