• Healing Field - Flags of Remembrance
  • Freedom Shrine- a collection of 28 reproduced historical documents hung on the walls of schools and government buildings.
  • Give-A-Kid-A-Flag-To-Wave - where small American Flags handed out to kids along the Murfreesboro Christmas Parade.
  • Proudly We Hail- Plaques are presented to an individual or business flying the American Flag in appropriate manner.

​Noon Exchange Club of Murfreesboro

Uniting For A Better America!

​​Uniting For A Better America!


The Americanism Program of Service promotes pride in our country, appreciation for the freedoms granted to American citizens, and gratitude to the men and women who serve/have served in the Armed Forces. Americanism celebrates the country’s rich, unique heritage and inspires unity from coast-to-coast.